Information for my clients

I will be posting regular updates on this page about a progress for housing projects that are under construction. You will also find the date of my next trip to Egypt in case you want to join me or assist with something in Egypt.


My next trip to Hurghada: 26.11. - 2.12.

(I will add the information about the new travel dates as soon as I buy the tickets. Until then, I don't know the exact date of the trip myself. I'll add a new video when I get back, once it's processed)

During my working stay in Egypt, I am usually unable to respond quickly to your phone calls, WhatsApp messages, Messenger or email. I am moving around on the construction site, I am in many meetings. I therefore apologize if I do not respond to you shortly, in some cases I may be able to do it only after my return. If you have something urgent, please send me an email instead - I will reply when possible - I receive dozens of messages a day on WhastApp and Messenger and am only able to deal with the urgent ones. Because of the way these apps work, I may miss your message. Your message won't get lost on an email. Thank you for your understanding.